Thursday, December 30, 2010

Threat level=Red

This morning we had a true emergency at our house. The coffee maker wouldn't work. I know. Take a minute to compose yourself'; I'll wait.


I tried several things to get it to work again; being so technically savvy and all. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, tried plugging it into a different outlet, and then I pounded on the side of it. Somehow those things still did not work.

The only option was to run to Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee.

Let's remind ourselves here, I am home alone for the week with all four kids. None of them are old enough yet to stay home alone. (Don't think I haven't thought about it....) So, it was time to shuffle them all into the car. All of them. All four of them.

Those of you that have met my children will understand that this process can take up to an hour. First there's phase one: get dressed. This includes the Find the Boots process, then the Put the Boots on the Right Feet process, finally there's the Find the Other Mitten process. Next comes phase two: Walking to the Car. This involves me helping Wyatt slowly make his way to the car while yelling at the other three to stop running all over the front yard and throwing snow at one another and For Crying out Loud Pick up the baby She fell into a Snow drift!!! Next is phase three: Buckle In. This involves finding seatbelts, complaining over who gets to sit in the middle, yelling that there isn't enough room to buckle in, and finally, actually buckling in.

Today int he midst of phase three; one of my best friends Simone stopped by. She had a gift for Siobhan, her God daughter. (she also had a coffee maker for me to use tomorrow... Thank God!) Because Siobhan is her Goddaughter, she only brought a gift for Siobhan. Aisling and Connor get their own special gifts from their Godparents; just not at that particular moment. (You totally see where this is going, don't you?) Connor was so peeved about this particular grievous oversight that he took it upon himself to pound on Aisling. (obviously that makes sense....) His punishment for that assualt was that he had to stay inside and could not go next door to play. Why? Why is that our punishment when kids misbehave? Shouldn't it be that we send them away? "You hit your sister. Therefore you will go next door and bother the mommy over there. See you in three hours". That would be so much easier for me, just saying.

Finally we all piled in the car and actually made it to Dunkin Donuts. By that time I needed a large coffee (and maybe a shot of something...) I bribed the kids with munchkins, you know, because I am a behaviorist and all.

Next it's time to make lunch. This should take about three hours.
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