Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My middle!

I so rarely get to spend time with just one child. When I do it's just so wonderful. I often think of my children as a whole unit. How they interact with one another, and what they are like as a group. I don't often have the opportunity to really interact one on one with them. When I do it's fantastic. I think of all my children, the one who gets overlooked the most is Aisling. She's stuck in the middle! Often times things are happening with Connor or with Siobhan, and Aisling is sometimes just along for the ride. Like a typical middle child, though, she is so willing to go with the flow and just take what comes her way. She is so good natured it's amazing!

Today, though, I was able to go to her classroom's holiday party. It was so wonderful, and she was so happy to have me there. It was a special morning. Last year, with working part time, I was able to go in their classrooms much more often. This year I am not able to volunteer, so it was nice to be there.

She decorated cookies:

Yes, I assure you there are actually cookies under all those decorations!

She opened presents: a book from her teacher, and a book swap gift!

She got a candy cane!

She made a snowflake ornament:

Beautiful; I think.

And, of course, had snacks!

(Today was also pajama day!)
Thanks Aisling for letting me share your special morning!
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