Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holiday fun

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pictures as promised!

So here are some pictures of Thanksgiving. All in all it was a good, if quiet, day. Enjoy

Thursday, November 22, 2007

More catching up!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had a nice day. My dad came over for dinner. The kids were great, if exhausted from a lack of naps the past few days. Also, right before dinner Connor started asking when everyone was coming over! Sorry to disappoint, but we have a small family. He was really crying and he thought that Quinten was coming over for dinner! Poor guy. He got over it, especially once the food was served! Anyway, I don't have pictures yet, but will soon. I do, however, have pictures from Halloween.

Painting pumpkins: (It all washed off, but an afternoon of quiet was so worth it!)

Carving pumpkins:

Playing in the leaves!

I also have Halloween pictures. I have to apologize for the quality. I didn't have my "Poor light, excited candy filled children" filter on. We had a princess (Belle) a king, and a transformer (Optimus Prime).

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wow, it's been a month.....

Wow, has it been a long time since I've updated this blog. I think perhaps ths is how I should just start each and every entry!

Anyway, here's what we've been up to:
Soccer is finally over. Connor really had a blast, and actually became pretty good. He now plays soccer every single afternoon after school with me in the front yard. It's really fun! As with every sport or activity these days, every kids gets an award, and he got a medal for soccer. In the first shot you can see Connor and best pal Quinten fighting for the ball.

Aisling also finished her farm school. This was a Saturday program that she and I went to four times at Shelburne Farms. It was so great. It is a program designed for three year olds and a parent. Connor went when he was younger. I highly recommend it! Anyway, for their last day they made corn bread. You can see she was even brave enough to (finally) touch a chicken. We spent an entire week on the farm this summer, and she would not go near the animals! (Save the baby goats...)

We also went apple picking like a half a bazillion times. Connor went with his school, then Aisling went with her school, then we went on our annual trip with all our friends. Needless to say, we have a cabinet FULL of applesauce. (And some apples left over that are, well, rotting away...)
Aisling's school trip:

I took a bunch of pictures from Connor's school trip, but don't know where they are... so I would tell you that I will add them later, but I never will, so why lie? But, here are some pictures from our annual friends' trip.

I am going to end there for now. This blog got long, and it's hard to continue. Look for further installments!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

That was then, this is now...

Well, We all enjoyed Connor's long hair very very much. I love that he was bold enough to keep it. I love that it was such beautiful hair! I love that he loved it. Well, that's over! Connor decided to get a haircut. He wanted to look like a bigger boy at school. He knew what he wanted and went right for it. Here are the pictures:
1: Before:

2: During:

3: After:

He actually looks really really cute in his new haircut, which he refers to as his "mohog"

picture overload!

I went with the kids to sears, and had their pictures taken. I am AMAZED at how amazing they turned out! Enjoy. (Pay close attention to Connor's hair)

I highly recommend Sears. Incidentally, if anyone is interested in purchasing these pictures, you can do so by going to this website:

okay, I just tried to do it, and it's like 57 steps. If you want to buy some, let me know and I can send a link to your email.