Monday, April 30, 2007


Just wanted to make sure you all know, I think if you click on the pictures they will get larger. It works on my computer anyway.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

busy busy busy!

Boy, did we have a crazy weekend! Saturday was Connor's opening day for tee-ball. What a fun day; he participated in a little parade, where all the teams marched onto the field. The mascot for our local baseball team, Champ, was there as well, and all the kids were really excited! The opening day was a "hit-a-thon" where the kids collected pledges based upon how far they could hit a baseball. It was a good time, but it was a LOT of waiting for the kids. They batted in alphabetical order by team name. Connor is on the Pirates. Yeah, "P".

Saturday was also the maple festival. Not ones to miss a good maple festival we left the opening day and headed right over! The maple festival is one of my favorite things. As Al pointed out, though, it's not really 'mapley'. I think it has more to do with being an unofficial start to spring and warm weather. Or, maybe it's just an excuse to eat really bad for you food, who knows! But, they have rides, and maple cotton candy, so it's a good time!

Okay, check out how much they've grown: The first picture is last year, then this year.

Is that not scary?!?

Saturday we also had company. Shane and Marcia came to visit with their daughter Marina. Shane is an old college friend of mine, and Connor's godfather. Marcia is his wife. We were not able to see them over the holidays, so we also exchanged Christmas gifts. That was fun! As usual, they spoiled Connor! (They take their role of Godparent very seriously!) Anyway, we had a great time with them. They left Sunday morning.
Marina and Aisling look shockingly alike!

Sunday, we rested! Well, most of us. I went into church to teach Sunday school, and everyone else stayed home. I am about to go run on the treadmill. (Shane and Marcia are really good cooks......) The kids are both sleeping, Wyatt is hanging out VERY peacefully and happily! And Al is getting some work done. I think some of that involves cleaning the basement. With Shane comes cigars....... oh well!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


I just love love love how Connor and Aisling interact with Wyatt. They generally treat him like a regular old sibling, rivalry and all. They really genuinely like him and love having him as part of our family. Connor describes him as a 'cool guy' and Aisling gives him hugs and kisses! Having Wyatt as a part of our family has been such a wonderful learning experience for them as well, in so many ways. They are now great advocates for persons with disabilities. We met a little boy with similar disabilities about the same age as Wyatt while we were at the maple festival. The kids had no problems going right over to say hello. It's just an awesome feeling to see that. It is interesting though to go into my classroom. They are both still very shy around my students, who are like Wyatt. I think though, that it has more to do with age and size then with disability! I look forward to seeing how this interaction with persons with disabilities continues into adult life.

Somewhere I have a great picture of Aisling doing Wyatt's hair. I will need to look for it and find it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sick sick sick

So, each one of us has been sick over the past week. First Wyatt was sick on Tuesday. He was home sick from school. High fever, vomiting, the whole bit. Then, he nicely shared with Aisling. She was home sick on Wednesday. Then, I thought we were home free. Oh, how wrong I was! Connor went to a birthday party on Saturday. He was feverish in the morning, but seemed fine by the time the party came around. Well, he took one look at the cake and became green in the gills! Once home, he too started vomiting. He seemed better by evening, but still rested. well, I never get sick, so I thought I was in the clear; nope. I went out for a 'date night' with Al Saturday night. By the time we were gone for, maybe 2 hours, I was lying in the car moaning with nausea. Oh, it was awful. I was sick until the next day. I lay on the couch all day. I can't remember the last time I was so ill. Then, Al was home sick on Monday. I think (hope) we are all over it now! It was BRUTAL! But, thankfully, short lived.

Today was the second day of vacation, the first day we actually felt like doing anything. I took the kids to the ECHO center, while Wyatt stayed home with Kaye. He went out for ice cream, so his life wasn't too too bad either.

Enjoy the weather!

Monday, April 16, 2007


Okay, here's what I want. If you read this blog, please leave a comment. I would love to know what you think. Thanks!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


I love Easter. I really do. Not only is it the most important holiday of the Christan calendar, which alone makes it great, but it's just fun. I mean, you take kids, put them in their best clothing, throw in some chocolate, and some mud. Seriously, what could possibly be more fun! I think we have like 500 pictures from the past five Easters. Enjoy this year's.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Egg decorating

We colored our Easter eggs today. That's always a blast. We looked on the internet and found some really creative egg decorating ideas, like tie dye and glitter. The tie dyed ones used oil, and that was really fun to do. We were smart this year, and covered the kitchen counter. Last year it was stained for weeks!

Connor dunks the eggs: Our tie dyed eggs:The finished product: The joy of making is only surpassed by eating:
Aisling did not like the eggs. Connor loved the "yolgs". Have a wonderful Easter!

Friday, April 6, 2007


So Connor's going to kindergarten in the fall. I used to laugh when I heard of other moms crying when their kids went off to school. "Poor co-dependent saps" I used to think. Well, I guess I am not much better! Connor's been at the same day care since he was 6 months old. It' s pretty weird to think of someone else molding my kid for six hours a day.

We have a form to fill out with some questions about our kid and his or her placement in school. How do I describe my first born on one sheet of paper? How can I be sure that the one paper will sufficiently describe his strengths and weaknesses so that they will know who he is? Now, just so you don't think I am completely neurotic, I had a really really crappy education. Seriously, grades K-12 were all bad. I do not want that for him. I am a teacher, I have seen the good and the bad in our school system. I want him to be comfortable, happy even. I am sure that he will be successful; we have an amazing support network of friends, but I also want him to enjoy learning. It took me 25 years to get to the place where I actually wanted to learn.

I could also play that game of "oh, it happened so fast, I can't believe he's already 5!" That sounds so cliche, but it's true too. Of course, I have loved these 5 years, and am excited about the next few changes.

Thursday, April 5, 2007


So. I have a blog. I am a blogger. It's weird. Kinda like a journal for those of us who are too lazy to actually write with a pen any more. I thought I'd use this space to update people on things the kids are doing, and, maybe, if you're lucky, things I am thinking about. If you're interested, read away. If not, well, bully for you! As for the name, well, it's pretty simple. Al and I are outnumbered by the kids. Scary.