Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dirty.... but busy!

Today we had some archaeologists in our midst! The kids had two archeology kits to work on today. The kits were very very cool, and the 20 minutes of working together and not fighting was well worth the 45 minutes it will take me to clean up all of the dust!

Connor's kit contained gems.
Here he is working hard at breaking them free:

Got one! (Hm, it's much smaller than the package advertised...)
Got them all free!
Okay, they are pretty cool now that they're clean!

Here's his favorite:

The girls' kit contained bones to piece together a dinosaur skeleton
I think I see a bone!
Connor is done his, so of course he should come help the girls.

Got some bones!
We made the world's tiniest T-rex!

Guess I'm off to go vacuum!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

To the pumpkin patch!

As you may have surmised by my lack of posting, my classes have started up again. (Or maybe you didn't even notice the lack of posts...!) However, I took a little time off today to go to the pumpkin patch with the kids. I figured I'd share some pictures.

Visiting the goats:
Siobhan called this Scottish Steer "The biggest thing ever"

It is huge! (And it's named "Zak")

Wyatt got into the swing of things and fed the goat:
Off to the maze:
Where do we go next?
Searching for clues:
Siobhan conked out right away!
(She's getting heavy for the Ergo, but I'm not sure what I'd do without it!)
We did it!
We did both the long maze (2.1 miles) and the shorter maze (.9 miles).
That's the advertized distance. Not sure what that refers to,
since it didn't really feel like we walked 3 miles. Maybe that's the total you could do?
To the hayride for our pumpkins!

These guys just look so handsome here! (Wyatt and Connor were buds this weekend.Lots of hanging out, and Connor did lots of helping with Wyatt. Very cool to see)
Silly siblings:
Cider, cider donuts, cheese and crackers for all!
Playground time!

Then on to more animal feeding:

This next picture is so blurry, but I had to include it.
It's Siobhan jumping up and down yelling "I did it. I did it!"
after having fed the goat all by herself.

Shortly after this, Connor asked me if we could buy a goat.
Wyatt had a great day today too. Tons of smiles and even some giggles! He ate a cider doughnut like a pro. (Solid foods are great when they're super yummy!) I wish we had a big stroller for him, because tooling around in his wheelchair through the corn maze was tough. But, he did awesome!
Overall it was a fantastic day. The kids were exhausted. We had been out quite late the night before. So, there were a few meltdowns. And by meltdowns I mean a few times I wanted to disown my children.... but they all recovered just fine.

Now, off to do some homework..... *sigh*