Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here's glue in your eye

We had our first experience with Dermabond last week. It's pretty fascinating stuff, and does a great job holding together the eyebrow of a certain six year old. Oh yes, while we've surprisingly escaped both stitches and broken bones over the past six years, we are now the proud owners of one scarred up eyebrow.

Connor had a soccer game last Wednesday. Within the last five minutes of the game, he came running across the field, hand over his eye, blood seeping through his fingers. At my last recollection, he had not been playing soccer, and I wondered what the heck he could have been doing on the sidelines. (With Connor, it could have been anything). Once we were able to get him to speak, we found out one of his teammates threw a water bottle at him. Apparently, it was a fierce bottle, with some sort of ice contraption in the top. At any rate, it left a sizable blue egg on Connor's forehead, as well as a long and fairly deep cut through his eyebrow. Of course, all the moms on the sidelines jumped to action and we were handed packages of baby wipes, various bandaides, tissues, and all sorts of blood absorbing products. Finally we tracked down a first aide kit and found some butterflies. A teammates mom put two butterflies over the wound, and off we went to the walk in clinic.

While on the way we talked about options, and Connor asked if he would get to choose. Poor kid didn't want any stitches! Thankfully, we did not need them. They did a great job at the clinic. We did have to wait quite a while, which is no fun with an exhausted kid and a baby, but that's life at the clinic.

Anyway, I would love to know what people were thinking of me while I was out buying my newly glued together kid Suzie Q's and Chocolate milk at 10:30 PM on a school night! Incidentally, although I offered him a day off the next day, he wanted to go into school to show the kids his new "battle scar" (his words!)

We'll add pictures at some point.... when I can actually get him to stop moving.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cats, guniea pigs, and other musings

The cat presented us with a great science lesson tonight. "Hey kids, come watch the cat dissect a chipmunk". Were the kids grossed out? Oh heavens no. They thought it was cool. I tried to tell them that we too were having chipmunk for dinner, but they didn't believe me.

Siobhan had her four month appointment today. She weighed in at a hefty 13 pounds 9 ounces. She was 24 inches long. When Connor was four months he weighed 17 pounds 3 ounces, and he was 26 1/2 inches long. He was also pretty much eating entire steak dinners. When Aisling was 4 months she weighed 14 pounds 12 ounces, and was 25 and 3/4 inches long. Siobhan is the runt of our little litter! Siobhan also had her shots today, poor baby, and is sleeping upstairs.

Connor had his first grade open house tonight. Al went with him and Aisling. What was Connor most excited to show them? You guessed it, Zack's new cage.

Here's a quick trip to the Heather soapbox. There's a new movie out called "Tropic Thunder". I don't know a heck of a lot about it, but I do know that within the movie there are scenes that perpetuate stereotypes of persons with intellectual disabilities. Disability awareness groups all over the country have launched protests and what not. I just wanted to share with you a video that was made in response to this movie. It's a great video, and worth sharing with everyone you know. It speaks to the very heart of why I do what I do on a daily basis.


How can you not love that face?!

Monday, September 22, 2008

how darn cute

Isn't he so cute?
He started cub scouts tonight. He had his first den meeting. He was so incredibly excited. Cub Scouts comes with its own set of dues and dates, of course, along with fund raising and other parental expectations. Every Monday night he and Al go to a meeting. It's getting tricky to schedule this kid's activities. Can't wait until there are more of them involved in extra-curricular activities! Connor alone has cub scouts, soccer, piano, and dance. He's either going to be incredibly well rounded, or an exhausted juvenile delinquent.

Today Aisling came home from school with a paper bag full of milkweed. Apparently they had taken a little nature walk at school today. She was very excited, and held onto the bag for a lot of the evening. At one point she was talking about pouring it into a glass. Ah ha..... she thought we were actually going to get some sort of milk. Well, it turned out to be equally exciting to tickle the boys behind the ear with the not-so-milky seeds.

We took some pictures of the kids this weekend. We went to see Wyatt's older brother's football game, and the spirit moved us to photograph the kids. Aisling wanted to wear her fourth of July sundress. I told her it was too cold. After a total meltdown we finally agreed upon the sundress with a t-shirt and jeans underneath. Siobhan, of course, had to match exactly. (So said Aisling)

Seriously, so freakin cute.

Friday, September 19, 2008

school, marshmallows, and the circus

When you're screaming in the morning because you aren't given the peanut butter toast you want, you may have marshmallows as a consolation prize. Lesson learned.It turns out we didn't take the camera to the fair. None of the four times we went. However, I did promise you a unicycle story, so here it is. Aisling and Connor earned a free day at the fair for reading their summer books. They went with Al, as I had to work that day. Al reports that Aisling participated in one of the shows by riding on the shoulders of a person riding a unicycle while doing dog tricks. My crazy brave girl! When the kids got back from the fair, they had high aspirations of becoming carnies themselves. (Dream big kids....) I've included for you a video of their first ever circus. It's good stuff. Be prepared for the not-quite-so surprise ending.

School has started of course. We are now a proud family of fifth grader, first grader, preschooler, and babyroomer.
Wyatt's classroom is now upstairs, so he gets to ride the elevator multiple times during the day. I don't know what he thinks of that, but I would think it were cool if it were me. (But I am a very simple person).

Connor's teacher has a guinea pig in the classroom. He is extremely excited about that. I don't hear about much else about his day, but I know for a fact Zack the guinea pig is healthy and happy.Aisling is again in preshcool, with the same teacher, which we managed to convince her was actually way cooler than it sounded. She enjoys taking care of the new younger preschoolers, mostly by trying to talk to them while they are still sleeping during nap time.
Siobhan has, of course, also started day care. She is in the baby room, with the other babies. She doesn't tell me much about her day.
I have also gone back to work. Milton is a town that passes its school budgets notoriously late. Like, July late. For those of you unfamiliar with school spending, let me explain to you what that means. We put a budget together and present it to the town in March. They turn it down. We present another one to them in May. They turn it down. We then present another one in July. Thankfully, that one they passed. (Saving themselves about 10 cents each in the process. Thank GOD we fought for that money). Anyway, when the budget is not passed, we are not allowed to make any purchases. We were in desperate need for a new accessible bathroom for our needy students. This was not able to be started until August. (remember, the budget). we go back to school in August........ The bathroom was created by taking away 2/3 of my office. So, when I returned to work I literally had NO office. It was gutted. Now, remember back to May, folks. I was scheduled for a C-section on May 19th. Instead, on May 7th my water broke. This left me no time to get my room cleaned up for the summer. So, all my stuff was thrown into boxes and stored in random places throughout the building. The first few weeks have found me scouring the school in search of curriculum, pens, pencils..... I finally got my office back today, but have no phone cord, or computer cord. *sigh*. At least we'll get a new bathroom!

We redid the girls' bedroom. We will post pictures, once we actually take some. Aisling now has a little reading lamp above her bed. Tonight, for some odd reason, she decided to put Barbie into the lamp. Lo and behold, Barbie's hair melted to the lamp. Aisling decided to peel it off. The screaming was impressive. All of her poor little fingertips got burned. I would assume she's learned her lesson, poor baby.

Just being silly:
the making of the silliness:

Saturday, September 13, 2008

What he did last summer

Connor came home from school on Friday with a really great piece of work that he had done. It was a piece of paper folded into four sections. Each section described something he had done this summer. It was great, and I could tell he worked really hard on it. Here it is:
Unfortunately, it scanned really lightly. But, what is says is this: "I played baseball"; with a picture of him playing baseball. "I played with Cain"; with a picture of him and our neighbor. The next one is an image of him swimming. The last one (in yellow) says "I had a baby", and it shows a picture of me (or Al, the story changes) laying on the bed holding Siobhan over our head. How totally cute! It's a great image, as we do that a lot to the baby. I love how he says "I had a baby"! It just cracks me up! This one's a keeper for all time!