Friday, December 13, 2013

Girl Scout Christmas Party Number One!

'Tis the season.... of multiple parties!
Today was a girl scout gingerbread house making party. The girls decorated gingerbread houses; played games; and swapped gifts. A good time was had by all. 




Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beautiful opportunities

I have so many things to catch up on. We have had a whirlwind of busy times lately; all good things. I am going to jump out of order a bit, because somethings just have to be shared right away.

Chelmsford school district; as it turns out; places a huge emphasis on music education. This is GREAT news for this former music education major. I mean, have you seen the research? Do you know what an amazing effect music education has on our children's minds and abilities to succeed in school? Also; have you met my children? They are walking talent shows all day long.

So, that being said; it was not surprising when Aisling's entire fourth grade traveled to the Massachusetts state house to sing Christmas carols on the grand staircase. Yes, the entire fourth grade. In fourth grade you MUST take chorus or band.


Anyway; I digress. Sadly; and typically; I arrived a bit late. So these pictures are not "straight on". However, you can see the beauty of the situation anyway.

 Here's a video of my favorite song: This was adorable! 

There's Aish right in the middle!  

 Aisling and some of her classmates 

After the concert they had a chance to sit in the seats in the House of Representatives. 
They had a brief tour of the statehouse before the concert too. 

After the singing they had a little time in the house of representatives hall. I missed the names of these two people; but I assume they are local representatives. They staged a mock election for the kids. They had to vote on school being for 365 days per year. My amazing daughter voted yes. (Clearly the daughter of a teacher!) 

I think it's fair to say Aisling had an amazing day. One part I really liked as well was during their time in the House. The man leading their session pointed out various names along the wall. He mentioned to them that they are all men, and that only now are we starting to recognize the importance of women. He asked that all of the girls in the room think seriously about participating in government. Gotta love that!!