Sunday, March 13, 2016

A lovely weekend!

We had such a great weekend with the wonderful weather! Girl Scouts on Saturday. Then on Sunday we made our leprechaun traps and went for a nice hike! The weather was unbeatable!

Siobhan was a little silly making her trap. Or perhaps I caught a leprechaun??
Aisling's trap is done! Apparently inside is a leprechaun apartment. But it's all sealed up so the leprechaun won't escape!
Last year our leprechaun escaped, but he forgot his hat. So Siobhan is luring him back with the promise of his hat back! It's inside the box and the sign lets him know.
After trap making we took the kids for a hike. Christian is never too far from us so he came along as well. He and Siobhan spend s long time throwing wishing rocks into the water and making wishes.
We are lucky to have such a special guy live across the street.
Aisling was at dance so she didn't join us this time.
ThIs face came an after Connor asked how cows get pregnant. I guess it was a lot of information to handle? (There was a little farm near where we hiked)
We had a great day. We are very happy the weather is warm!


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Halloween 2015!

For Halloween weekend I took Siobhan to the South Row Pumpkin Festival.  After that there was a trip to the epic Haunted house with our favorite neighbors!

Lunch for the girls! 

The perfect pumpkin! 


A little green hair!

Some cool crafts from the Pumpkin Festival!

Trick or treating with the twin princesses! 

Girls' Camping 2015!

August 28-30, 2015

For our annual girls' camping trip we went to Mountain View Camprgound in Morrisville Vermont. We've been here before and had a great time! 

The pool got a LOT of  use this weekend. All of the girls were working on their diving skills!

Our favorite meal was Taco in a bag! 
We had this at a Girl Scout event. It is an easy delicious camp meal! 

A most photographic trip to the river to swim and play

The hot tub was a great place for the moms! 

This weekend is one of my favorite weekends all year. The opportunity to visit with these amazing girls and women keeps me going all year long! Girl Power! 

Vermont..... Cows!

More of Labor Day weekend!
September 5-7; 2015

On our way home from camping we stopped at our friend's camp for visiting and amazing fun times in the river.

Tossing some apples!