Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Girl time!

Yesterday Aisling's kindergarten class had a field trip. I went along as a chaparone. They went to an amazing puppet show creation of Eric Carle's favorite books: The Mixed up Chameleon, Little Cloud, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was amazing. This was the group: http://www.mermaidtheatre.ns.ca/ The mermaid theater of Nova Scotia. Incredible.

After the show it was only 1:00. I had taken off the whole day, and it was a beautiful one! Aisling and I decided to skip out of school and have a little girl time. (It was a wrenching decision for her! As she put it (tearily) she had two "options", staying with mommy, or playing with her friends, and they were both good! thankfully, I convinced her to come with me!)

We walked up Church Street in Burlington.

We headed to the mall to use the bathroom, and came across some beautiful pettiskirts in Old Navy. Of course, we had to buy one for her and one for Siobhan! Next we had lunch at Brugger's bagels. Finally we walked up and down the street climbing on rocks. It was a perfect afternoon with my favorite little girl! It was so special to be able to hang out with just Aisling. It's so rare to have one child at a time, and so special when it happens.