Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

Well, I hope everyone had a great mother's day! Mine was wonderful. The kids nad Al made me a great breakfast in bed. It was a peanut butter bagel, made with my weight watcher's bagels! very thoughtful. There was also a tiny rose plant. The flowers as well as the plant were tiny. I got some great cards. Connor is getting better and better at writing my name as well as his, and Aisling got me a talking Winnie-the-Pooh card, which she signed "from the diva". Very cool! Al got me a great card as well. then, after church (and a stop at the scrapbook store!) we went out to brunch. We went to the Sheraton. We went here last year as well. It's very great. They give all the moms a flower upon their entry, and they are very polite. It was very swanky. Wyatt was away on respite, which was nice because brunch was that much easier. At the same time though, I really missed him! The kids were pretty tired and excited at brunch. (It was at 1:00 which is usually nap time). So, they got a little slap happy. You can tell by looking at Connor what we had for dessert! It was a really great time.

(chocolate cake)

Poor baby

Well, in five years of parenting, we have our first ER worthy injury! Poor Aisling. We were gardening on Saturday evening. She leaned down to use her little toy rake, and she leaned right into a dead branch of a plant. It poked her right in the eye. Oh the poor thing! It was very nerve racking. She was crying red bloody tears. We called the on call doctor, but when he was taking too long to call back, I went to the ER. Thankfully, she was fine. By the time we got to the ER she was running around, seemingly no worse for the wear. She has a broken blood vessel and a scratch on her eye. Thankfully it is not on her cornea, and she should be fine within three weeks. It looks nasty, but apparently doesn't really bother her. She has some cream to put on it for a week, to keep out infection. Sorry for the gory picture, she wouldn't keep her eye open!