Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun outside!

Aisling had a friend over today. The kids all played outside for a little while. It was so nice out today. It has been really cold and windy the past few days, but today, not so much. So, it was a great day to get the kids away from me send the kids outside for fresh air.The kids thought it was hilarious to put their faces in the snow and lick it up like they were dogs. How is this funny? I have no idea. After I tried about 6,000,000 times to get them to stop, I just gave up. Maybe I should start serving their meals like that; no one ate any of their vegetables tonight. Do you think if I put them on a plate of snow and allowed them to lick them up they would eat them? Aisling's friend thought it was hysterical to throw snow in the air and have it land on her head. Yup, super funny.
If this kid doesn't look like trouble, then I don't know who does...
But the girls are obviously angels:

Thankfully, when they came in for hot chocolate they drank it normally,
not slurping it up like dogs!
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