Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow much fun (Original title, no?)

Generally, winter vacation for us consists of getting sick, and then recovering *maybe* in time to head back to school. With Connor and Siobhan both having asthma, it's just not a great time of year for us. I like to joke that our winter sport is getting healthy. So, when the kids are actually up to playing in the snow it just makes my heart sing. They have so much fun! I remember playing in the snow when my brother and I were little. I don't know why it's fun to crawl around in frozen water in sub freezing temperatures when you are a child, but gosh darn-it it is. As for me, I will happily hang back with my zoom lens in my warm clothing. Wow. I am old.
 Dad has to do all the work while the kids have all the fun.

Snow angels gone wrong.

Siobhan likes to stick her tongue out. All. The. Time. 

  To the backyard!

They cleared the slide....

 Uh oh, snow pile.....
 Losing balance...

Connor made it down okay! 
 But boy was there a lot of snow!
 Calling Aisling to come on down
 She had a clearer path!
 Oh look, there's that tongue again....


 Going for sideways this time.
 The snow is a bit deep for a four year old!
 Snow is yummy!

Just some perspective on the quantity:

And now, boots are drying by the fire, and cheeks are being warmed with hot chocolate.