Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tea parties

There are so many things about raising children that continue to amaze me (too many to count, really). But, for one example, it seems boys are boys and girls are girls no matter what you try to do. When Connor was born, we were so careful and thoughtful about what toys we provided to him. We bought him babies and kitchen sets along with balls and sports equipment. And, aside from a brief (but memorable) princess phase at age 4, he's remained addicted to Legos and "boy things". The girls are equally hardwired. They are just drawn to pink things and princesses, tea parties and dress up shoes. I find it to be absolutely fascinating. The thing that most amazes me (as I've commented before) is that my girls are not picking these things up from me. I don't wear make up, nor high heels, nor do I host tea parties. My daughters, however, do.
(Does everyone serve steak and fish at their tea parties?
I wouldn't know, having never hosted one before...)

Well, the fun thing is that I get to enjoy some
things that I never did when I was younger;
thanks to my girlie girls!

~Can't complain about that~
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