Friday, October 24, 2008

Here we go to Boston....

We are out of school over Thursday and Friday this week, and have decided to take a quick trip to Boston. So far we've gone to the pool, (except Siobhan and I, as we forgot her diapers). Then we went out to dinner with my dad and Al's mom and aunt. Then, we also went to Target. Oh yes, for a Vermont girl, going to Target is essential. However, we went there at 8:00 PM, [oh yes, again, I am THAT MOM] so we only lasted about 30 minutes. It was akin to torture. But, we did get the diapers for the pool. The doors of the hotel are automatic, and Aisling referred to them as 'magical'. Today we are off to the aquarium. I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's not a mouse!

Recently Al thought he heard a cat stuck in our pantry. After investigating, he discovered that Wyatt (whose room is right next to the pantry) was awake, and assumed that's who was making the noise. The next morning, while making lunches, Al discovered some, eh, proof that a cat had been in the pantry. He cleaned it up and we all went to work.

That afternoon, I went in the pantry to get snacks, and discovered that all the proof was not cleaned up. After silently cursing Al for a moment I began cleaning it up. I realized there was lots and lots of it....

I was having to pick things up and move things, because this proof was even under things. As I picked up a box of some insignificant product, there curled in a little ball beneath it was......

"NOT A MOUSE NOT A MOUSE NOT A MOUSE" Was what I could spit out. It actually was:
That, ladies and gentlemen, is a POSSUM!!!! In my pantry, with my food!
Only, when I saw it, it looked like this:
I truly am shocked that you didn't hear my screams.

We called a few pest companies who, for some odd reason, did't think our little friend was an emergency! Needless to say, I was not about to sit down to dinner just a few feet away from this guy, so we went out to eat. The kids did their best impressions of a possum:(Clearly Siobhan's is the best)

Our possum removal guy came the next day. He theorized that perhaps the cat brought in the possum. (I love my cats, I love my cats.... must remember). Another pleasant surprise was that the possum was actually injured. Yeah, yeah, poor possum.... but check out my pantry... (Be warned.... it's gross)

The whole pantry looked like that. A fried of ours said it looked like CSI.

Needless to, I got a brand spankin new pantry out of the deal. It is *sweet*. I almost with I could sleep there. Although, I said that about the new mudroom too, and now it pretty much looks like the rest of our house.... a huge mess of crap lived in.

I've wanted a new pantry for years, so I guess it wasn't all bad....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

It ain't easy being green

Connor today gave me his explanation for why grass and trees are green.

"I know why the grass is green. Because leprechauns go there. Sometimes the grass is brown because leprechauns don't go there. Also the trees are green because leprechauns climb up them and stay up them. Then when the leaves change colors it means that the leprechauns have left their magic powers for a little while."

I don't think I am going to teach him about photosynthesis like, ever. His explanation is waaaay more fun!

He had his soccer jamboree today, and while the entire soccer season was full of warm beautiful days, today's marathon soccer event was held in freezing temperatures with scattered rain. That figures. But, on a good note, no more blood was shed.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

less than perfect

Raising four children is turning out to be much more difficult than it appears.

I now have received an overdue fine from both the town library as well as the school library; I completely forgot about a hair cut I had scheduled, and didn't even show up. I am now living with ridiculous hair in need desperate of a hair cut because I am too embarrassed to call back. I did the same thing to my dentist not one, but two times, and got a little nasty gram from them asking me to either step up or go elsewhere; (I am therefore living with a chipped tooth in need of a crown, because I don't want to call them back either. I also don't want to admit that I actually need a crown for crying out loud). I've shown up late to work basically every day since I've been back, and I've developed a lovely little addiction to caffeine. We haven't done groceries in about two months, and the evening dinner routine consists of cell phone conversations of "Honey I'm the frozen food section. What do you want for dinner, and do we need anything else?" That makes for extremely unhealthy eating. Hence, I haven't attended weight watchers in a while, and shudder to think what the scale may say. Then there are the other days when I actually forget to eat, those are fun too. I basically pay my bills only when they send out those friendly reminders that say "Do you want your electricity? PAY UP". I have not, at this point, lost any children, but I am sure it's only a matter of time. I also have never left the house in slippers or anything like that, but stay tuned.

We went for our annual apple picking trip last weekend, and, as usual, had a blast. When I get pictures back I will share them.
Although here's one good one of Aisling:We did take the annual apple picking trip picture with all the kids.Here's one (not so great) picture:

Here's what it took to get that picture:

Also, what do you do when the baby cries? Share your Pokemon cards of course.We've started giving Siobhan cereal with dinner. I really, really wanted to wait until she was six months old. (She's four months and three weeks). However, this baby is truly a Frugoli baby! She's been eying us eating our food for about three weeks now, and last week started fussing and crying when we wouldn't share with her. apparently, she's been doing the same thing at day care, and tomorrow will start getting cereal at lunch as well. For what it's worth, Connor also started food at four months, only his first food was black beans while at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami. It's the only thing that would console him!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things I've said today

"Aisling, stop licking the car!"

Wow. That actually needs to be said out loud? Seriously? Who'd have thought.