Sunday, April 10, 2011


Connor's been a bit busy too!
Connor has been working on his personal project for third grade. This is essentially a project where he chose something he wanted to learn more about, and then decided how he wanted to learn about it, and then how he wanted to tell his class about it. A pretty cool concept; although for this step by step mama it was a bit to wrap my head around!

No worries, Connor decided he wanted to learn more about ham radio. Since I can't help him there, he and Al were on their own. (For this control freak mama that was a bit challenging too!) As you can see, he's been interested in this for a while:

(circa 11/2005)

They did some exploration with electricity. We bought Connor a kids' circuit building kit. (This one, in fact). Connor had an amazing time with the kit from the moment we brought it home. It was the perfect thing for his busy and inquisitive mind. He was very excited to build the different circuits, and I think we've found a new toy category for him!
Once he finished exploring, he also needed to figure out what to present. He did some research this morning with Al, and created a great presentation. In fact, it's so great that I don't understand any of it!

I'm proud of the work he did on this. It wasn't without struggle; he's such a stinkin perfectionist! (No idea where he gets that from....) But, in the end I think he did great and learned a lot. I'm also glad he and Al had an opportunity to work together! He's excited to present it tomorrow, so that's great too!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Aisling's been busy lately!

In February her girl scout troop took a field trip to Auntie Annie's Pretzels. Aisling learned how to make a pretzel! She did a great job, and I can attest to the deliciousness!
She also got to sample the smoothie!


Also, she participated in an after school gymnastics camp. She had a total blast and wants to take gymnastics class now!

A little about me!

I don't usually post about myself here, as I really consider this blog to be about my kids. But, I thought I would explain my lengthy absence from the blog. (You know, for the five readers who noticed). I've recently begun taking classes toward becoming a BCBA. (Board Certified Behavior Analyst). I need to take 15 months worth of classes followed by a test. I am also required to do a few months of supervised internship, which I can do through my job. This is something I considered doing when I was in grad school. I opted to get my special education certification instead, but always wondered if I had made the right choice. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity presented to me once again to work in the field that I really love so much. I'm so excited about the opportunity, and cannot believe how much I am enjoying working once again with children with behavioral difficulties.

Anyway, basically this classwork entails about 2 hours per night of homework. It's an online class, based out of Florida Tech, so it's all self directed. But, it's a lot of course work. Right now I have a quick two week break between classes, so I have some free time to update the blog. When classes are in session, no time at all!

So, over the next few days I will try to post some updates about what the kids have been up to. We'll see how much I can get done!