Sunday, June 16, 2013

And the Goodbyes Begin.

I have been very overwhelmed lately. So overwhelmed that I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. However, given that the chronology police don't read this blog, I feel okay about posting things out of order. (And when I say I feel okay about it, I mean it's taken me three weeks to feel mildly comfortable with it. Did I mention I'm a perfectionist?)

This Friday was the last day of school for all of my kids. And when I say "Last day" I mean last day ever in this state. It was a very emotional day for all of us. Below are some pictures from the school day.

Connor won a game and got to take home this flag.

Aisling and her special third grade teacher Mrs. McGrath

Aisling and her other amazing teacher Mrs. Lamb

Connor and his special fifth grade teachers Mr. Schmid and Mr. Mock 
and the wonderful Mrs. Osman. 

Siobhan with Miss Allison, who was toddler teacher for both of my girls. 

Siobhan navigating the big swing all by herself! 

And the climber, her favorite thing ever!

Aisling and some of her BFF's. 
I looked over and the three of them looked like such
 little teenagers; it caught me off guard. 

 Finally it was time for us to leave, and time for us to present the amazing Miss Erica with some gifts. Erica had all three of my kids in Preschool. They have been at Little Feats since Connor was six months old. It was very hard to say good bye.

I know this was the first of what will be many difficult goodbyes. Moving is so very very hard. Thank you to Milton Elementary School and Little Feats Day Care and Preschool for everything you have done for my children. I cannot express everything you have done for my children.