Friday, December 10, 2010

At least someone's laughing

Sometimes I think that when God makes our kids, it's all a big practical joke to him. A joke on us I mean. Sometimes, I think he takes qualities that we, let's say.... don't appreciate... in our family members, and magnifies them in our children.

Let me 'splain....
No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Tonight, Connor was invited to two sleepover parties, and he had a cub scout pack meeting to go to. He opted to go to the pack meeting, and then head to the nearest sleepover party (next door). When he came home from the pack meeting, he was so worried about sleeping over at the party he burst into tears and refused to go. Worried about going to a party? Hello brother Kevin.

Take Aisling for example, her bedroom can be a total pit. She puts things wherever and often loses things. The kicker, she doesn't care! She's totally happy with it. Why, hello Al.

Connor? He gets so flippin frustrated when he doesn't know how to do something even before it's been taught to him. He demands to know everything right away, and needs to be perfect to a fault in everything he does on the first try. Oh, hello me.

Sometimes, I think God is just cracking up at his little jokes. "So, you got frustrated when your brother was nervous about things? Oh yeah? How do you like it now?"

Thankfully, there are some pretty decent qualities in all our children as well. (Phew, cuz otherwise....)

Aisling and Connor treat Siobhan like she's a total princess. They dote on her and give her everything she wants before she even asks. That's pretty special, and it's something they've learned from Al. They are also both incredibly talented with Wyatt. I've seen them help him out in ways that are better than teachers I've met. That's pretty amazing. I often see my brother in Connor's sense of humor as well, in fantastic ways.

At the end of the day, my kids are an amazing mixture of so many people. We're pretty blessed.... most of the time.
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