Monday, December 20, 2010

Doubt, redemption, and love

This evening was an evening of doubt.

I was doubting my abilities at work; having had a rough afternoon of wrapping my head around things.

I was doubting my abilities as a parent; having been running late to dance class (which I actually forgot about) and realizing that I simply would not have time to bake for the first grade party.

I was doubting my abilities as a wife; realizing that I was coming home just grumpy and unforgiving about foolish things.

I was doubting my abilities as a giving person; realizing that I may not have time to play my french horn at the Christmas Eve service as I promised to do.

In short, I was grumpy, teary, and full of self criticism.

Then, I checked the mail. There was this:
A box.

Not just any box. But a box full of love and surprises from one of the most special families I know.

A box of love from David and Susan Feinberg in New York City. I have met them in person only a few times (3?) but they remain one of the most important and loved people in my life. David and I emailed back and forth almost daily when I was in college and beyond. They are similar in age to my parents and provide an amazing influence in my life. We have lost touch and contact with one another a few times throughout my life; but they always seem to come back exactly when I need them. David also has ADHD and we have served as a support network to one another.

There was also this:

A hand-painted sign saying "Shalom".

And this:

chocolate galore for the babes!

To David and Susan: thank you. Thank you for your never ending long distance love and mothering. Thank you for being there at just the right time.
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