Friday, July 1, 2011

A mixed day

Yesterday we did a variety of things. We started the day by headed to the library for story time. When Connor and Aisling were toddlers I worked part time. Therefore, I used to take the two of them to story time every single week. We were always at the library. When Siobhan came along things changed a little bit. I spent most of last year fighting for a job it turned out I didn't even like; so I wasn't available to her as much as I would have liked. Then, this past year I began working full time. So, obviously, Siobhan hasn't spent nearly as much time at the library. We went yesterday for toddler/preschooler story time. It was so fun with her there! She was so enthralled with the whole thing, and had a blast. She was also clearly amazed by the number of books available to her. I think she would have taken out at least 97 books if I had let her! She settled for 7. Connor and Aisling were great too. Aisling participated in story time and even made the craft.Siobhan made the craft too, but miss cranky pants didn't want her picture taken! Connor wasn't interested and instead searched for books. It was a great time had by all.

When we got home Aisling had over one of her best friends from preschool. They had a good time and spent some time in the pool. I have no idea how they tolerated this, because it was pretty chilly!Connor headed back to the librarby with the same friend from yesterday's post. There was an event going on there with the producers of the local cable access channel. Apparently they made a public access commercial for the library! Since we con't have cable we won't see this on TV, but I think we'll be getting a copy on DVD. It sounded like he had a blast! He was then able to head out for ice cream with the same family.

Siobhan and Aisling and I spent the evening having some girl time and headed to the Shelburne Museum for their Doll Fashion Extravaganza! This was a blast. The theme of the evening was, obviously, fashion. We started the night at the "house of chic hair salon". The girls were able to do the hair and make up of their dolls. They had special American Girl brushes and tons of hair supplies for the girls. They girls were able to take the hair things with them, and were able to do their own hair as well!
They were also able to do their dolls' make up. Aisling was a little disappointed to learn this was just pretend, but was able to get into putting pretend make up on her doll!
After that we headed over to the "modeling school" where the girls were able to don fancy modeling clothing and practice walking up and down the runway. They had a blast with this!

Of course, no matter where Aisling is, if she hears music she dances. There was music pumping while at the modeling school, and while I was helping Siobhan out of her garb, I happened to notice Aisling cutting a rug!

From there we went to the "house of bling accessories" where they were able to make jewelry for themselves and/or their doll. Siobhan worked hard to make a necklace as well as an anklet for her doll. Aisling made a bracelet and an anklet for her doll.

After that we headed to the "material girl photo studio" where the girls got modeling headshots of themselves:
SM_DFE_2011 065

SM_DFE_2011 066

The girls were also able to make a frame for their pictures:

The building where the frame making was also had a play kitchen, which of course draws my two girls in like a fly to honey!
From there we left to go to the runway. The girls were able to participate in a fashion show, which they loved.

We ended up staying for a little while so that the girls could walk up and down the runway about 5,000 times!

Like any good Vermont event, this one included free Ben and Jerry's ice cream!

The event ended at 7:30. It occurred right at dinner time, which was a little bit of a pain. We ended up hitting Subway for dinner after 8:00, so that was a little nuts!
Once we had all the dolls (and girls) in their pajamas and clipped in safely, we were ready to head home!

The girls were wound up and didn't head to bed until around 10:00. But, it's summer vacation! I love having time to spend with my kids and this evening was nothing short of perfect! My girls love any opportunity to dress up. Pair that with spending time with your favorite doll, and you've got a perfect evening on your hands.

Note: Yes, I realize this entire event basically flies in the face of that article that's been going around on facebook:

I do agree with EVERYTHING in this article. I also believe there is a place to have fun and celebrate being a girl. My girls had a blast, and there's nothing wrong with that!

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