Friday, July 15, 2011

Are you there God? It's me Heather!

How exactly does one let God know that one has had all that one can handle? Seriously? Prayer? Letter? Telegram? Owl? What's the secret path to relief?

I only ask because I am starting to feel a smidgen overwhelmed. Life for me is, in general, slightly near overwhelming on a normal day. That I'm okay with. I know I own that for the choices I've made. However, some days it feels like I've been thrown the work of one hundred other mothers as well.

This past weekend we went camping with Aisling and a few friends as a little birthday treat. (Blog update coming). Then, on Monday afternoon I left to drive to Boston for a work training. I met up with my best friend from high school on monday evening, and then Tuesday morning headed into Boston. All day tuesday and Wednesday I was in Boston at a residential hospital based school program for kids with Autism and behavior disorders run my a mentor of mine. The two days were overwhemingly full of fantastic information! I rerutnred home to the damily on Wednesday at around 11:00 PM.

Thursday morning I went right back to work. Cue to Thursday afternoon; the dreaded call from day care. Siobhan, they think, has lice. *SHUDDER*. It's okay, go ahead and Shudder again.

I brought her to the doctor, and sure enough, she does. I cannot tell you how often someone at her day care has had lice and I have commented on how it's the worst thing I could imagine having to deal with. Well, now I can tell you with great certainty, it's the worst thing I have ever dealt with.Not only does she have it, but she also passed it along to Aisling. I am also quite sure that I have it too. (Damn co-sleeping family!)

Thursday night was the Harry Potter event. I did not want to let Connor down, so we went to it. (Late). However, there were countless bags of cloth things to bag up; rugs and beds to vacuum; children to shampoo; and nits to find. The children did not go to sleep until after 10:30.

Cue Friday morning: Siobhan woke up with one eye stuck shut. Darnit. I pretty much ignored it and hoped it would go away.

It didn't.

Friday afternoon we went back to the doctor and got a prescription for pink eye.

Did I mention that Saturday is Aisling's birthday party? Because I was away and then the kids had lice, we still had not purchased anything for her party. (In fact, I forgot to invite some of the people she wanted to have come. That poor kid always seems to get shortchanged in her birthday. The summer can be so nuts.

So, tonight we took the kids out for a quick dinner, then went to Iparty to get her birthday stuff.

However, we neglected to remember that we still had to nit pick; vacuum everything; and put all the sheets in the dryer on hot for 20 minutes.

Again, bed after 11:00.

Tomorrow is her party. Then, Al and Connor are leaving for a week of overnight camp on Sunday morning, so; next week I will be all alone.

I need to know, then, how do I let God know that I have reached my limit? I can't really take any more crises; most definitly not next week.
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