Saturday, July 2, 2011

Connor's new hobby

For those of you who have never met Connor, I need to let you know he is a brilliant, imaginative, exciting, inquisitive, and sensitive boy. However, he NEVER sits still. (I have no idea where he gets that from....)

It can be a challenge sometimes to keep him occupied. A few months ago, I wrote about how we had found an electric circuitry kit for him to play with. This was an awesome thing for him, and he played with it nonstop. However, he played with it nonstop, and within a matter of days he had made his way through all 101 circuits and was in need of something else to do.

As a toddler he enjoyed the wooden Thomas the train stuff that you can push around the table. However, he really only mildly enjoyed it and for a short period of time. He then owned Geo Tracks, and again, enjoyed this for a short period of time. Just recently he found the Geo tracks in the basement, and brought them upstairs. He played with these all day, and kept trying to make the set do things it wasn't really designed to do.

This made me think about model trains. My brother did these for a short while growing up, and I know Al enjoyed them too. I chatted with Connor about it and we did some research online. We talked to Al and let him know Connor wanted to build a little set, and Al lit up like it was Christmas!

Al just happened to have his trains and switch from when he was younger. He just had to go out and buy some track and a board for it all. The boys worked on this track all day today and have had a blast! I think this hobby will be something Connor will stick with for a while, since it can be ever evolving. I hope he doesn't expect it to be done and perfect right away. He has a tendency to be like that... (Again, no idea where he gets that from....) I also hope Al, in his excitement, doesn't take over for Connor! I am so glad that they have found something they will both enjoy. I think this will provide them both with hours of fantastic time together and some great memories.

(Do you think I will ever have my basement back again?

Didn't think so....)

Do you think I will ever have my basement back again?

Didn't think so....
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