Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter!

This morning, at midnight, was the release of the final movie of the Harry Potter seires. Connor and I have read (and loved!) all of them. Shelburne Museum celebrated this movie opening by holding a special Harry Potter event. (Similar to the doll event of not long ago).

Connor and I went along and had some special time, just he and I.(For those who have not read the book, underlined text will take to you a link explaining the reference)

First, we began (obviously!) at platform 9 3/4.It was here that Connor was able to get his wand from Mr. Ollivander, the wand-maker.

Connor was chosen by a wand made with Phoenix feathers. (Similar to Harry's for some reason...)
Once he had his wand, he realized he needed his robes.

We then headed off to the great hall, where Connor was sorted into his house.
He then had to find the sorcerer's stone, taking great care not to wake up fluffy!

Next we went to defense against the dark arts, where we learned how to duel. I was Connor's dueling partner, so didn't get any pictures. I can assure you he won with the old stand by "expelliarmus".

From there we learned the basics of Quidditch. Connor was a beater.

He did voice his frustration at the end of the game that they could not fly. I do agree that would have been a much more exciting game!

From there we left to participate in the maze of the triwizard tournament. Connor made his way through in record time and was able to solve the riddle, earning himself a galleon.

From there it was off to pass his O.W.L.'s.

Thankfully he was able to pass with a grade of "outstanding".

After that it was off to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes for some fun. Here we attempted to make a snitch out of golden origami. We failed miserably, but had fun trying.

Next we went off to find all seven Horcruxes. This was a challenging quiz through which Connor sailed like a pro! I was actually surprised at how much detail he remembered from the books!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to get there as early as we would have liked. The cafe was serving butter beer, and they were all out by the time we got there. (We had some stuff going on at home).We scarfed down a quick sandwich while we walked around for dinner.

We did have a blast, and it is always so much fun to hang out with one kid at a time! It's also such a blast that Connor is getting older now and can share interests! We had a lot of fun. Thanks Connor!
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