Friday, July 1, 2011

Another day, another destination

Today, after spending the morning taking 300+ pictures off my phone and organizing them into folders on the computer, I decided to take the kids to Ben and Jerry's for a tour. That's right, I decided to drive an hour away, after lunch, during nap time, on a day when everyone went to bed really late. Foreshadowing anyone?

It ended up being a decent visit overall, but not without a lot of effort on my part. (And when I say effort, I mean effort not to sell the children to the nearest tourist)

We started and ended our visit at the playground. In between we managed to complete a tour without exhibiting any temper tantrums along the way! (oh, and the kids behaved well too). We also, of course, ate more than our fair share of ice cream.
At Ben and Jerry's today, Wyatt discovered the hand dryer. He would not move his hand! Very cute.
After the hour long drive home I decided to swing by the site of the new playground. Our town is building a (much needed) new playground. Read about it here.We've been following the construction of the playground for the past few days. When we drove by it yesterday the signs said that it would open tomorrow.
So, on the way home I figured I would drive by with the kids to see the final stages of construction before the big trip tomorrow to break it in. However, the playground was ready tonight. Yes, tonight; when I had my exhausted,un-dinnered, sugared-up, fighting children in the back. As soon as they saw the playground they screamed (in unison, like they rehearsed it) "OHMYGOD the playground is ready RIGHT NOW!!!!" I am not sure how I could have pretended not to notice that they wanted to go play. So, against my better judgement, away they went.

Sadly, although perhaps not surprisingly, it didn't end well. It involved hitting and maybe a little yelling from me. In fact, Connor was told he would not be able to go tomorow. That makes me really upset because I was planning on bringing everyone for a bike ride to the playground in the morning. However, he did the exact opposite of what I asked him to do, and he knew the consequence ahead of time. So, in the morning I will take the girls to the playground while he stays home. I hope that I will be able to take him in the afternoon, we'll see how his behavior is. These are the moments that make parenting really difficult.

Overall it was a decent day. Perhaps not the best day of vacation, but it was still nice to be with the kids. Today was also the first time we went to a place where it made sense to bring Wyatt. It was really nice to be able to bring him along, and I think he had a good time.
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