Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We actually stayed home today!

Today we opted to stay home. I almost took the kids out for an open gym session at a place nearby, but couldn't get respite for Wyatt. That turned out to be a good thing. I think we needed a day to hang at home! We did some crafts in the morning, which was cool. It was neat to be with all of them working together. They all were in a great mood and were working together really well. Even Wyatt seemed really happy to be hanging out with us. Of course, we were sitting outside which is his favorite place, so that may have helped!

In the afternoon Connor went over a friend's house for a playdate. He went to the house of a friend who we have known for ever, but they've never had a playdate before. It worked out really well, and reportedly they had a blast!

While he was gone I was able to get Siobhan down for a nap, and Aisling and I had some time together. Given that we had some many strawberries from t
he other day, we decided to make chocolate covered strawberries!

Aisling, of course, stayed in her pajamas all day. It is, after all, summer vacation!

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