Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's new year's eve again, the traditional time to sit down and make resolutions to change all the things about ourselves we've been trying to change for years. I traditionally don't do this, because I tend to break them within a few minutes short time anyway, but here goes nothing. (Really, probably nothing will change)

1) I resolve to lose weight. The same weight I've lost and found for years now. I guess what I mean is, I resolve to stop running into my weight watcher's leader at Dunkin Donuts.

2) I resolve to keep my house clean. Well, okay, clean enough to at least use the futon. And dry, I resolve to keep the house dry as well. Oh, and rodent free. I resolve to not allow rodents to make a home in my pantry. I also resolve to bathe the kids at least once per week. Really.

3) I resolve to feed my children only healthy, organic, locally grown food.

4) I resolve not to make my kids wear matching pajamas.

5) I resolve not to yell at my kids.

I guess that's it. That should keep me pretty busy for the rest of the week year.

Here's a few crazy pictures, just for fun:Have a blessed mew year!
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