Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Christmas Pageant!

We had the pageant again this year. It was on January 4th. Connor was once again a king, and Aisling and Wyatt were both angels. Wyatt had the esteemed position of being the star pf Bethlehem forward. He succeeded! Enjoy the pics
(In other news, Siobhan now has a tooth!)

Siobhan watching her siblings.
Angel waiting patiently!
Wyatt and Aisling bringing up the star. Wyatt has now done this for three years. He has, for the past two years, walked the star to the front of the church. It's a pivitol moment in the pageant, and there are people who claim to cry watching Wyatt walk the star up. It's pretty amazing!
Kings waiting to bring gifts! (Not sure what Connor's doing with his mouth here...)

Goofy Kings

The king and the angel. (for now)
The three kiddos!Once again, the gifts have been brought, and the baby Jesus born. Happy Epiphany!
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