Tuesday, December 2, 2008

stuff and nonesense... mostly nonesense

I was upstairs today, changing into my play clothes (or, unsuccessfully changing out of my work clothes before they get covered in spit up from the human fountain we call Siobhan) when I heard the baby squealing with delight. Squealing! I was so happy to know that Aisling could make her laugh like that. Come to find out, Aisling is making her laugh by standing on the arm of the couch and jumping off onto the cushins. Yeah, real funny!

I cleaned out the fridge yesterday. You'll never guess what I found. Seriously, you will never guess. A TREE. I remember.... Connor brought home a seedling evergreen tree for arbor day. (I didn't even know we celebrated that). Well, if you put a seedling in the fridge, and wrap it with a wet paper towel, it will stay alive until you are able to plant it. However, it will not last eight months. Now you know.

I also cleaned out my car. (I don't know why I do these things...) in there I found 57 mittens. Not pairs of mittens, mittens. I also found assorted hats, and many socks. My kids leave socks everywhere. (How does that happen? Does one just feel the urge to remove a sock, but keep the shoe on?) I also found food from every single food group, but mainly the sticky, smelly, and slimy food groups. There was also stickers on every surface, as well as marker writing all over the place. In case I ever lose my car, I'll be able to identify it; it's the one with "Connor" written all over the backseat.

Thanksgiving was good. We all ate too much food as usual.... (Weight watchers? What about it?) We also got the tree up, well, 95% up. I'll add pictures later.
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