Monday, September 22, 2008

how darn cute

Isn't he so cute?
He started cub scouts tonight. He had his first den meeting. He was so incredibly excited. Cub Scouts comes with its own set of dues and dates, of course, along with fund raising and other parental expectations. Every Monday night he and Al go to a meeting. It's getting tricky to schedule this kid's activities. Can't wait until there are more of them involved in extra-curricular activities! Connor alone has cub scouts, soccer, piano, and dance. He's either going to be incredibly well rounded, or an exhausted juvenile delinquent.

Today Aisling came home from school with a paper bag full of milkweed. Apparently they had taken a little nature walk at school today. She was very excited, and held onto the bag for a lot of the evening. At one point she was talking about pouring it into a glass. Ah ha..... she thought we were actually going to get some sort of milk. Well, it turned out to be equally exciting to tickle the boys behind the ear with the not-so-milky seeds.

We took some pictures of the kids this weekend. We went to see Wyatt's older brother's football game, and the spirit moved us to photograph the kids. Aisling wanted to wear her fourth of July sundress. I told her it was too cold. After a total meltdown we finally agreed upon the sundress with a t-shirt and jeans underneath. Siobhan, of course, had to match exactly. (So said Aisling)

Seriously, so freakin cute.

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