Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here's glue in your eye

We had our first experience with Dermabond last week. It's pretty fascinating stuff, and does a great job holding together the eyebrow of a certain six year old. Oh yes, while we've surprisingly escaped both stitches and broken bones over the past six years, we are now the proud owners of one scarred up eyebrow.

Connor had a soccer game last Wednesday. Within the last five minutes of the game, he came running across the field, hand over his eye, blood seeping through his fingers. At my last recollection, he had not been playing soccer, and I wondered what the heck he could have been doing on the sidelines. (With Connor, it could have been anything). Once we were able to get him to speak, we found out one of his teammates threw a water bottle at him. Apparently, it was a fierce bottle, with some sort of ice contraption in the top. At any rate, it left a sizable blue egg on Connor's forehead, as well as a long and fairly deep cut through his eyebrow. Of course, all the moms on the sidelines jumped to action and we were handed packages of baby wipes, various bandaides, tissues, and all sorts of blood absorbing products. Finally we tracked down a first aide kit and found some butterflies. A teammates mom put two butterflies over the wound, and off we went to the walk in clinic.

While on the way we talked about options, and Connor asked if he would get to choose. Poor kid didn't want any stitches! Thankfully, we did not need them. They did a great job at the clinic. We did have to wait quite a while, which is no fun with an exhausted kid and a baby, but that's life at the clinic.

Anyway, I would love to know what people were thinking of me while I was out buying my newly glued together kid Suzie Q's and Chocolate milk at 10:30 PM on a school night! Incidentally, although I offered him a day off the next day, he wanted to go into school to show the kids his new "battle scar" (his words!)

We'll add pictures at some point.... when I can actually get him to stop moving.
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