Saturday, September 13, 2008

What he did last summer

Connor came home from school on Friday with a really great piece of work that he had done. It was a piece of paper folded into four sections. Each section described something he had done this summer. It was great, and I could tell he worked really hard on it. Here it is:
Unfortunately, it scanned really lightly. But, what is says is this: "I played baseball"; with a picture of him playing baseball. "I played with Cain"; with a picture of him and our neighbor. The next one is an image of him swimming. The last one (in yellow) says "I had a baby", and it shows a picture of me (or Al, the story changes) laying on the bed holding Siobhan over our head. How totally cute! It's a great image, as we do that a lot to the baby. I love how he says "I had a baby"! It just cracks me up! This one's a keeper for all time!
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