Saturday, November 5, 2011


We had a great Halloween this year. Full of excited sugary children who stayed up far too late and ate much much too much candy!

We carved pumpkins on Sunday...
Aisling chose her own design, stenciled it and carved it nearly all by herself!

Siobhan obviously needed a little more help.
She chose a stencil of a cat; about which she was very excited!
Connor also carved his own pumpkin, with his own design....
As you can see, it was very, uh.... creative:

The kids headed out for trick or treating:
We had a princess:

She wore these shoes halfway around the neighborhood!
I swear she's better at walking in heels than I am!And a "hippie peace sign girl"

we also had a ninja, but you may not be able to see him...
Ready for some trick or treating!
Next it was time for stuffing their faces full of candy!
And also scary vampire teeth:

All in all they had fun. Full of the typical exhaustion and squabbles that go along with that.Eventually they decided to sell their candy to the orthodontist. They scored four dollars for their candy!
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