Saturday, November 5, 2011

American Girl!

Today I was lucky enough to have some special time with just Aisling. We participated in an American Girl tea party at the library. There were some crafts to do, games to play, and food to eat. It was a blast! The theme of the day was from Molly's era (1944) and Addy's era (1864). With both of these there was a patriotic theme. From the Molly era we played "Statues" (freeze dance) and red light green light. From Addy's era we played Bean Bag bucket brigade. the girls made patriotic painted teapots, and they sewed their own pillows for their dolls. We then had a yummy tea party with other era based snacks. There was Shirley Temple punch (Molly) and Lemonade (Addy). There was Jelly roll ups, Pigs in a blanket, and patriotic cupcakes, all from Molly's era. There was also gingerbread, Applesauce cookies, shortbread cookies,and corn muffins, all from Addy's era. We had such a good time.

When we got there they took pictures of the girls with their dolls. They then turned these into favors by gluing the pictures onto the schedule of events!

Painting her teapot:
(Thankfully the library provided art shirts!)

Sewing her pillow:
(This was hard work.
Aisling was able to thread the needle a few times!)

She worked on a word search between activities:
Red light green light:

Then we had our tea party.
Great menu!

Someone had lent the library nice, proper tea cups and saucers!
There were even tea cups for the dolls:
Yummy food!

Aisling and I had such a good time. I tried convincing her to do something like this for her next birthday party; I think that would be a wonderful time! I love spending time with the kids like this, and definitely don't get to do it nearly enough.
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