Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dirty.... but busy!

Today we had some archaeologists in our midst! The kids had two archeology kits to work on today. The kits were very very cool, and the 20 minutes of working together and not fighting was well worth the 45 minutes it will take me to clean up all of the dust!

Connor's kit contained gems.
Here he is working hard at breaking them free:

Got one! (Hm, it's much smaller than the package advertised...)
Got them all free!
Okay, they are pretty cool now that they're clean!

Here's his favorite:

The girls' kit contained bones to piece together a dinosaur skeleton
I think I see a bone!
Connor is done his, so of course he should come help the girls.

Got some bones!
We made the world's tiniest T-rex!

Guess I'm off to go vacuum!
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