Saturday, November 26, 2011

Getting the Christmas Tree!

Each year we get our Christmas tree from White's Tree Farm. It's a family run business, and we've been going there for at least seven years! This year it was extremely warm, which felt unseasonable, but was nice for tree gathering! This year we also brought Wyatt with us for the first time ever. He seemed to have a good time, although he had to walk quite a bit!

The farm where we get the tree has a beautiful view of Mt. Mansfield.

We found the one we like!
It's shocking that Connor is sticking out his tongue...

Siobhan really has that pose down!

Connor helped cut it down; although it was pretty challenging.
Aisling tried to help:

Connor helped carry it to the car.

We brought the trailer this year; there was no snow so that was an easy choice!
Wyatt got in on the posing action:

Getting the right tree calls for cartwheels:

And somersaults:

Joyful running:

And celebratory dancing!

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