Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feeling the love!

We had an amazing weekend this past weekend. We were able to head back to Massachusetts for the weekend for the O'Connor annual Christmas party. That was on Saturday. On Friday we were able to (finally!) reconnect with close friends of ours from our graduate school days. We had not seen Shel and Dave since, as they remembered, Connor was running around in a diaper while we were camping a few summers ago! (just a few...!) Reconnecting with them was wonderful, and felt like we were picking up right where we left off! I am thrilled to know our children have finally met, and cannot wait to get together again! (Perhaps in Vermont this time?!)

While I have not had time to take pictures off of my camera (these classes are getting so hard!) Shel wrote a wonderful blog post and shared some great pictures. I will share it here.


In addition, we had an amazing time with my family. Although my childhood was full of ups and downs, my children are certainly experiencing some wonderful family times, and for that I am very thankful!
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