Monday, June 27, 2011

Strawberry Picking!

Today was a beautiful day to go strawberry picking! We always head to Sam Mazza's farm stand. They have pick your own, and they also have a cute store and tons of beautiful produce for sale. They also have a little playground with some random animals for feeding and petting. We've been picking strawberries there since Connor was about 2. I remember my first time picking I was 9 months pregnant! (good times....). We've also gone with Siobhan as a tiny 1 month old in the Bjorn!

This time, however, I had bigger kids able to actually pick and help out. What a difference that makes! They were all able to pick good ripe ones. They were also able to refrain from eating their weights in strawberries.... =) Dad was up for a few days so he came with us too. A nice treat!

Siobhan munching away!

Obviously the coolest picker there....

If you say to Siobhan "Let me take your picture", this is what she does.
I am not sure if it means she has a future in modeling,
or in dorky picture taking...but there it is.
We brought a picnic lunch and ate there.
(A picnic for me means purchasing sandwiches at Subway;
you didn't think I actually had time to make a nutritious meal, did you?)
We then had some time for my animals to visit with the animals there.
Connor loved feeding the animals. The kids hung onto their apples from their lunches and fed them to the horse. Then they managed to clean me out for all of my quarters so they could buy those little pellets.Connor was right at home.
Aisling is generally more timid around animals. She was a trooper though and fed the animals with my hand under hers. She was super cute and I was very proud of her. Siobhan wanted nothing to do with feeding them, and who could blame her really; the animals were mostly bigger than her!
By the end of the afternoon, Aisling was feeding this little guy all by herself.
(Of course it helps that this was a tiny little baby, but still!)
I had heard there was a pregnant goat at Mazza's.
While I am no expert on goats, I may be an expert on being pregnant;
having been so a few times... you know, for over 2 years when you add it all up....
Anyhoo.... I can be relatively certain this was indeed the pregnant goat. I also will wager a bet that there are two babies in there.
She and I had a little chat about how miserable it is to be pregnant in the hot summer.

We came home from picking strawberries and jumped in the pool. Correction, the kids jumped in the pool. I am a water wimp, and anything below hot tub temperature does not appeal to me. I now am off to cut strawberries for our home made strawberry shortcake for tonight! =)

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