Thursday, January 27, 2011

She'll be so excited!

Aisling made some bird feeders the other day at girl scouts. As her co-leader, I can attest to the fact that the girls enjoyed making these feeders, and were very excited about helping their animal friends find food in the cold winter. They were also EXTREMELY messy to make! (Imagine 13 5-8 year olds covered in peanut butter and bird seed....!) But, also extremely easy to make.
The first one she made was this one:It's a bagel covered in peanut butter and bird seed.

Next was this one:
This is a pine cone also covered in peanut butter and bird seed

Finally was this:It's yarn with cereal and bagel pieces strung along.

We've definitely seen an increase in the bird traffic since she put these up! Today though, I was home with a sick Siobhan, so I was able to actually see some birds at the feeders. (Hopefully my boss isn't reading this, since I am "working from home" right now... but I couldn't resist!) Aisling will be so excited to see what her bird feeders were up to when she was at school!
I was using the little snapshot camera, so there wasn't a huge zoom, and I obviously didn't want to disturb the birds. But, I think it's a good testament to Aisling that her bird feeders will helping our bird friends. I think we will most likely make these again at home; they are so easy and obviously they work!
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