Sunday, January 16, 2011


Connor had his annual Cub Scout cake bake last night. Last year, when he had this cake bake, he ended up unable to go, because he spent the evening vomiting. But, not to worry, this year he took care of the vomiting the week before the cake bake, so we're in the clear.

The theme for the year was "Big Change Round Up". The cake bake is part of a big fundraiser the Cub Scouts do for The Vermont Children's hospital, and that's the theme. Check it out here. The children's hospital is near and dear to my heart, having taken such good care of my breathless babies... but that's another story.

This story is about cake. Connor did nearly all of the work on this cake himself. He was very proud of the cake, and I am very proud of him!

Cracking eggs.
(The cake was free of eggshells you'll be happy to know!)

Yep, he's turning on the oven.
We may regret this later.
Obligatory bowl licking.
(I promise this happened
after the cake was out of the bowl
Well, most of it did...)
Finished Product:
Proud boy:
Connor's cake at the auction table.
(We bought it back for $10.00.
Something seems wrong about this...)
Dr. Lewis First was there to help kick things off
and auction off the winning cakes. He seems like a really nice guy.
He was able to get someone to pay $80.00 for a cake,
So he's a pretty good money wrangler too.
Of course there was cake eating too.
Connor did a great job. His cake didn't win any prizes (last year he won second place in his den). But, he told me that he was still really proud of his cake. Not bad for the world's biggest perfectionist!
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