Friday, July 9, 2010

At least they're clean!

Last year during the summer, Al and I debated and decided to allow a "pool bath" to count as an actual bath. Soap, chlorine, whatev.... We figured a rinse in the pool was good enough for most days. Besides, where are you even going in the summer anyway? The ice cream stand? Uh oh, better be all clean for the scooper....

This year we took it up a notch. To be fair, last year we did make the kids take an actual shower every few days, it just felt wrong not to. (Somehow it feels important to be clean for church, at the very least!) This year we seem to have slipped in our standards. I noticed the other day that the hair of our beautiful girls was getting, well, gross. We were in the pool at the moment so, being the lazy awesome mom that I am, I decided to let them have another pool bath.
(Notice the bottles of soap and shampoo?)

Yes, only this time they actually took a bath, while in the pool. Why not I say, why not?
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