Wednesday, July 14, 2010

baseball update and my big boy

Connor's team had an unscheduled practice tonight after the train wreck of a game yesterday. His storming around and temper tantrum before the practice clued me in to the fact that he was really nervous about heading out. We had a long conversation about it. He talked again about how he was the worst one out there. I didn't deny that (because it doesn't matter). But instead I asked him if his true friends were to walk past him on the field, would they laugh at him for being the worst? He reluctantly agreed they would not. Then Al piped up and mentioned about how the worst always has the most room to improve. How does one improve? By going to practice!

My heart was aching for my poor little guys. Baseball was so fun and easy in the spring, and now it's a whole new league. However, I was so so so proud of him for heading to practice tonight, and for being okay with it, even if he was the worst. He went to practice, and he had a good time. He even got to pitch twice!

And, he wasn't even the worst tonight, as he told me after the practice.

Connor, you made me extremely proud of you tonight. You faced a fear head on, and you did a great job. You were able to do something that was very difficult. Nice job. You are growing up to be a fantastic young man. (Now, if you could just make it through the day without pounding on your younger sister we'd be golden).
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