Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Tonight Connor had his first game of summer baseball. The league started last week, but he was away at summer camp. So, he missed a game. There were a few other kids starting today too. The team has done a great job of stressing that it's all in fun.
I am not so sure that the other team got that same message. Summer baseball is a traveling league. We played against Williston tonight. I think their coaches probably agreed to give them all five bucks for each base they stole. It was insane. Unless our pitcher's foot was entirely on the pitcher's mound, the players were stealing. Connor has just finished his first year of farm league. What that means is that the kids were able to maybe sometimes squeak in a double. Once I saw a triple. Generally though, in farm league, the kids would wait at their base for the kids to finish making tons of errors throwing the ball to the pitcher. Not so in summer league. Those Williston boys scored seven runs each inning. (That's the rule, seven runs per inning then they call it). Once our team was up they pretty much struck out every kid. Thank God for the seven run rule. Four innings took two hours....
Connor did not really have a good time tonight, and that upset me. He was struggling and was really upset and hard on himself. He came to me, holding back tears, saying that he was the worst one on the team. That made me feel really bad for him. I hope that as the season goes on he feels better about the game.

At least he looked handsome:
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