Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ten points for matching socks!

If you are planning on cutting my grass, here are the exciting scavenger hunt like prizes awaiting you:

One green croc. Thankfully there were not two there.
(That'd be weird. Two matching shoes in the same place? I mean, who does that?).

Duct tape. I have no idea what this was used for.
Connor was probably constructing a space shuttle or something.

A baseball. Well, a former baseball.
Wow... we have a pretty strong lawnmower....

A black wiffle ball bat.
Okay, I just want to go on the record here and say that it was really
really dark under the bush, and I had no idea the bat was there.
And, besides, who would have thought the lawnmower could do that much damage?
(although, I guess I should have known after seeing the above baseball...)
A green sock. Um, yeah, a sock. I think. Let's just call it a sock, m'kay?

The remains of a water balloon fight.
I don't know who won, but surely not this guy.

The shattered remains of a blue and yellow squirt gun.
(Yes, it was already shattered. Sheesh... wreck one bat and ball
and suddenly you're the killer of all backyard toys...)
But you can see how the colors blend with the uh, dead grass.

So, that's my grass cutting scavenger hunt. Now that you know all about it, who wants to come play?
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