Saturday, June 12, 2010


Al and I are renewing our vows next weekend. I hope we sent you an invite. If we didn't, know that we meant to, and silly things like raising children and finding jobs got in the way. Please come join us! It will be a blast. We're having a cash bar and a DJ!

Obviously, we are dressing up for these event. Al bought a really handsome new suit to wear. (Here's where you whistle...) And I, well, I put off buying anything for an extremely long time. I could make a thousand excuses... but I just didn't want to. I have had three children and am raising four. My body does not always do what I want it to do. Plus, I just hate dresses. Seriously, I do. I really enjoy the feeling of being dressed up and acting like an adult but nylons? COME ON. Make up? Seriously?


Thankfully, I have girlfriends who are actually able to act like girls, and have fancy things at their disposal. (They also all happen to be about my size...) I will be borrowing a really beautiful strapless gown a friend had in her closet. (My closet would laugh out loud at me if I ever tried to put a strapless gown inside of it!) it's beaituful, and I am so thankful that she had it.

Now, for shoes...huh. Shoes.
Did I mention I hate to dress up?

I tried really hard. i tried on like ten pairs of stilletos I swear to you. I was at the store with Siobhan and Aisling, and they kept bringing me shoe after shoe. They obviously tried them all on as well....

But, much to their dismay, I went home with these instead:Don't worry, silly readers. Those aren't for the vow renewal. I have these instead:

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