Friday, February 27, 2009

Where did it go?

What happens when you come across a water filled toy, and find it devoid of water? Well, clearly the water had to go somewhere, right? In this house, it apparently takes a few days to figure that out. In the mean time, all of your baby's toys (many of the plush) will be getting soaking wet. Glorious.

I took the kids outside yesterday (It's winter vacation week). I've been sending them outside twice a day, but yesterday I was actually able to join them. It was a blast! Siobhan is big enough to go in the baby swing, once we poured hot water over it to unfreeze it from the ground! She can't move her arms, but I think she liked it. Both she and Aisling are wearing snow suits that are too small. Siobhan is squished in hers, and is probably uncomfortable, and Aisling is like a bad commercial for a stomach flab reducer pill. She has to suck her stomach in, hold her breath, and let me button her snow pants. (She's a woman, she'd better get used to that someday anyway! She'll have PMS someday...) However, I REFUSE to let them wear their new snowsuits. Yes, I own them. However, there's something about starting the new season with new clothes that I rather like. Yes, I realize that I sound like a dork forcing my kids into too small clothing while brand new bigger clothing sits in the basement with the tags on. But, my kids generally don't get new clothing, and I want to savor it next winter! (Go ahead and call DCF now, it's fine).

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