Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Seven years

I find it hard to believe it, but Connor turned seven last week. I am no longer the parent of a baby boy. He is so clearly growing up. He talks about such interesting and amazing things. His take on the world and his sense of fairness is incredible. It's fascinating to discuss things with him. He is also so compentent at so many things. Listening to him play the piano is literally like coming home. His take on life is so refreshing, and his sense of fairness is incredible. He is a fantastic big brother, and rarely complains about anything. He has an amazing zest for life that I simply cannot compete with. Through every age that Connor has been, I have said to myself "Now this, this is my favorite age". And yet, I have trouble really discerning what that is. I love each age for so many different reasons.

Connor invited his very best friend to sleep over at his party. The two have been friends since they were babies together. They are like peas in a pod, and get along famously. In fact, when they were three they married. They refer to one another as boy friend and girlfriend, and Connor has said that he will marry her. (again). They really do have a connection, and I truely am interested to see how it turns out!

Connor's party was a bundle of screaming children. we went to Sports and Fitness edge and had the kids use the pool and water slide. They also got to watch a magician. That was a blast! Connor and Aisling really went for it.

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