Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can I have a re-do?

2009 is not working out to be the best year for us thus far. Allow me to explain. Three weeks ago, the week of January 19, everyone in the house was battling a really bad cold. On Monday of the follow week I actually ended up taking a sick day and stayed home with Siobhan. On Tuesday I stayed home with Connor. That weekend Siobhan started on a stomach bug. She had vomiting and diarrhea all weekend. (I sent her to school anyway....). On Tuesday night, Al and Aisling had plans (and tickets) to go see Sesame Street live. She was feeling the effects of the cold, so I loaded her up with Tylenol and Triaminic and sent her on her way. Apparently that was the wrong choice. She, right after the intermission, vomited all over the jackets and seats at the Flynn. She was home from school on Wednesday. She went back on Thursday..... and Siobhan was home sick with the stomach bug. That same day, Wyatt had a few seizures at school; a sure indicator that he's not feeling well. He also currently has "the ear infection that wouldn't die", and he's on Amoxicillin. The following weekend (the 30th and 31st) we had plans for the Duclos family to come up and visit. We haven't seen them in so long, and everyone seemed healthy, so visit they did. We had a fantastic time, until their older daughter started vomiting. Then, the baby was vomiting with diarrhea the next day. (SORRY!) We thought we were out of the woods..... until Thursday of this week. Aisling was up most of the night Wednesday night with a cough. she was home on Thursday with a cough that got progressively worse throughout the day. She also had a fever that ranged from 100 to 102.5. On Friday was actually worse. And, as it happens with kids, she was her worst on Friday night, after the Dr.'s office was closed. Since it was a Friday, we were off to the ER. I learned a few things there.
1) Apparently a fever is not dangerous in a child until it hits over 104. (So there I was at midnight for no reason. Good we got that out of the way first).
2) The little girl who I told them weighed 45 pounds actually weighs 55 pounds. (Perhaps her fever never went away because I'd been under medicating her?)
3) There is absolutely nothing on TV for a child to watch after midnight, even when you have cable. (Although, Aisling is good to watch "What not to wear" she'll make fun of outfits along with the best of em.) We did end up getting a chest X-Ray last night to rule out pneumonia, due to her coughing. They also did a strep culture, due to her throat looking pretty rough. X-Ray fine, no pneumonia, and they'll let us know about the Strep. She got a Popsicle and a carton of apple juice and we were on our way. Our papers indicated she had a viral upper respiratory infection, also known as the common cold. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we traveled to the ER at midnight for a Popsicle and a diagnosis of a cold. *awesome*.

(However, given that colds don't generally have fevers, I am anxiously awaiting our strep culture. Or, a downward spiral. Or, the next great thing to hit our family).

So, seriously, can I have a do over? Can I go back to December and try 2009 again? Please?
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