Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How does this happen?

So I just took Aisling to the store to buy all the things she needs for her upcoming 4th birthday party. She's decided to have a tea party. She wants all of her friends to come in their fancy clothes. Then we will eat finger sandwiches and drink chocolate milk "tea". She is going to wear her Easter bonnet. We have crafts such as decorating tiaras, and playing dress up. We bought pink boas, plastic necklaces, and princess wands.

My question is this, how can something so girly come from me, who is so not girly? I mean, I don't ever remember playing princess; I don't think I ever had a tea party. I hated dresses, as far as I can recall. I used to pass the time playing touch football in the backyard with the boys from the neighborhood. I once got into heaps of trouble for having a spit contest with a neighborhood boy. (I'm pretty sure I won). Aisling loves to carry around pocketbooks; I'd really rather not! Aisling also has confiscated my high heels. Honestly, I think the only time I've ever worn heels is when I was in a wedding. Not my wedding, oh no; I wore sneakers to that.

Anyway, it's actually pretty exciting having such a girly girl for a daughter. It opens up new things that I really don't ever remember doing, and I am really enjoying it.

Maybe when she's older I'll teach her how to throw a good spitball.
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