Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sick sick sick

So, each one of us has been sick over the past week. First Wyatt was sick on Tuesday. He was home sick from school. High fever, vomiting, the whole bit. Then, he nicely shared with Aisling. She was home sick on Wednesday. Then, I thought we were home free. Oh, how wrong I was! Connor went to a birthday party on Saturday. He was feverish in the morning, but seemed fine by the time the party came around. Well, he took one look at the cake and became green in the gills! Once home, he too started vomiting. He seemed better by evening, but still rested. well, I never get sick, so I thought I was in the clear; nope. I went out for a 'date night' with Al Saturday night. By the time we were gone for, maybe 2 hours, I was lying in the car moaning with nausea. Oh, it was awful. I was sick until the next day. I lay on the couch all day. I can't remember the last time I was so ill. Then, Al was home sick on Monday. I think (hope) we are all over it now! It was BRUTAL! But, thankfully, short lived.

Today was the second day of vacation, the first day we actually felt like doing anything. I took the kids to the ECHO center, while Wyatt stayed home with Kaye. He went out for ice cream, so his life wasn't too too bad either.

Enjoy the weather!
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