Sunday, April 29, 2007


I just love love love how Connor and Aisling interact with Wyatt. They generally treat him like a regular old sibling, rivalry and all. They really genuinely like him and love having him as part of our family. Connor describes him as a 'cool guy' and Aisling gives him hugs and kisses! Having Wyatt as a part of our family has been such a wonderful learning experience for them as well, in so many ways. They are now great advocates for persons with disabilities. We met a little boy with similar disabilities about the same age as Wyatt while we were at the maple festival. The kids had no problems going right over to say hello. It's just an awesome feeling to see that. It is interesting though to go into my classroom. They are both still very shy around my students, who are like Wyatt. I think though, that it has more to do with age and size then with disability! I look forward to seeing how this interaction with persons with disabilities continues into adult life.

Somewhere I have a great picture of Aisling doing Wyatt's hair. I will need to look for it and find it.
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