Friday, April 17, 2015

Play ball!

Siobhan has a hard time with new things. She sometimes opts not to try new things that I am sure she will enjoy because she. Just. Can't.

A few weeks ago out of the blue she said she wanted to play baseball. Could it be? Siobhan wanting to try something new? Forget the crimp this would make in our schedule; forget the financial concerns with a new activity; forget the fact that we are not a baseball family... SIOBHAN WANTS TO TRY SOMETHING NEW!!!

Celebrations were had. Baseball pants and balls were purchased and gloves were found.

On the big day she woke up thrilled! "Today is baseball day!" She exclaimed!

Then we arrived at the field.


She wanted to leave. I reminded her of that very morning and how excited she had been. She decided to try. She went over and tossed the ball around. She even smiled. A little.

Then they transitioned to a new activity.

She walked off the field in tears.

But then she walked right back on and tried again.

Turned out: she loved it! She had a blast.

It also turned out that she was blessed with a wonderful and understanding set of coaches who clearly loved having her there.

The season could have ended the day it started and I would have considered it a win. I'm so proud of that girl.







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